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E-Procurement Tools

Tools of green procurement of products & services in Eutrophication & Anoxia (EU&A) management

BLUE-GREENWAY Transnational network

BLUE-GREENWAY Transnational Network of public/private operators in e-procurement supports the improvement of environmental status in supported ecosystems & the Eutrophication and Anoxia (EU&A) management sector, based on a report of the baseline, best practices, and specifications of a common procurement model.

Knowledge database

BLUE-GREENWAY knowledge database delivers a well-organized online library of best practices, tools and methods, related to innovative solutions for improving the environmental status of eutrophic and anoxic coastal ecosystems (EACEs), to relevant public bodies, municipalities or governmental agencies, that are active in the field of green public procurement. The knowledge database is being used by public bodies that are involved with tenders in EU&A management to develop questionnaires, criteria for implementation & problems needing appropriate solution.

Solutions database

The solutions database includes the major options available in the market, to be used by SMEs to support eutrophication & anoxia procurement implementation improving the environmental status of eutrophic and anoxic coastal ecosystems (EACEs) in the support area of Environment, Energy, Climate Change & Low Carbon Economy.

Life Cycle Cost (LCC) tool

The eco-innovative Life Cycle Cost (LCC) tool aims to aid public procurers select the most cost & energy-efficient solution.

Unified platform on e-procurement

The unified platform on e-procurement includes the integration of the e-procurement tools, the transnational network, the knowledge & solution databases and the Life Cycle Cost (LCC) tool.

You can find more information about the project’s e-procurement tools here!