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2nd Newsletter


“The BLUE-GREENWAY project is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation.”

26 July 2022

Pilot Areas of the BLUE-GREENWAY Project

There are two pilots in the BLUE-GREENWAY Project. The two pilots run in Aitoliko Lagoon, Greece, and Liopetri, Cyprus.

Figure 1: The location of the two BLUE-GREENWAY pilots

The Aitoliko Lagoon, situated in the Central West Greece is an ecosystem of high social and economic interest; it belongs to Ramsar Convention, and is a Natura 2000 protected area.
The water of Aitoliko Lagoon is eutrophic with diminished water clarity and anoxic conditions in the deeper part, especially below the depth of 7m. In the absence of oxygen, sulfide ions are emerged from the benthos of the lagoon and produce hydrogen sulfide gas which is very toxic. Therefore, Aitoliko Lagoon is facing the triple problem of Eutrophication, Anoxia and Hydrogen Sulfide gas. In figure 2 you can see the Aitoliko Lagoon under a eutrophic crisis.

Figure 2: Aitoliko Lagoon presenting eutrophic crisis in 05/05/2017. Credits: I. Zacharias

The Liopetri area, is situated in the Southeast Area of Cyprus and is a coastal area with a small temporary stream. Usually during summer there is not sufficient flow to detect water quality but during autumn the stream is heavily loaded because of the runoff of the agriculture activities. Aquaculture, waste disposal, industrial effluents, and significant amount of nutrients either from agricultural sources or from animal breeding activities act for the ecological situation of the area to deteriorate.

Figure 3: Inland aquaculture activities at Liopetri coast.

In the long run, BLUE-GREENWAY practices will build community resilience and reduce pollution risk, resulting in a sustainable, cost-effective integrated treatment. Supported areas will gain and transfer knowledge, so more regions can benefit. Innovative treatment methods will contribute to circular economy practices.

BLUE-GREENWAY Transnational Network

Τhe BLUE-GREENWAY transnational network is online and all public/private operators in e-procurement in the field are invited to join it. BLUE-GREENWAY transnational network aims to support the improvement of environmental status in supported ecosystems & the Eutrophication & Anoxia (EU&A) management sector gathering regarding the current state of public procurement and green public procurement. Join the network here! You can find more information about the project and its procurement tools in the website of the e-procurement tools here.

Figure 4: Expanding the Transitional Network of BLUE-GREENWAY Project

Regional Cooperation Magazine

Do not forget to read the update of the Fund for Regional Cooperation Program in the Regional Cooperation Magazine, which is published every two months. The BLUE-GREENWAY Project has published three articles.

  • June 2021 article, “The holistic approach for restoring the eutrophic and anoxic closed water bodies” describes the objectives of the project here
  • August 2021 article, “Ocean current conditions in the Ionian Sea” presents the preliminary results of the Ionian Sea simulation here
  • April 2022 article, “The role of BLUE-GREENWAY in engaging youth in environmental preservation” describes how BLUE-GREENWAY targets environmental awareness among young people in achieving sustainable development here
    Read more about the Regional Cooperation Magazine here

Media Library

Check out the contributions of the BLUE-GREENWAY Partners in the Media Library of EEA and Norway Grants!
The Lead Partner of the Project, the University of Patras, in a short video highlight the pollution problems of eutrophic and anoxic coastal ecosystems (sea) that result from land-based and other pollution sources and by focusing on water treatment with innovative materials and on green procurement of products and services in wastewater management (land). A short description of BLUE-GREENWAY team, goals, objectives and methodology is presented in this video here
Sintef Ocean AS, Beneficiary Project Partner of the BLUE-GREENWAY, has uploaded the first results of the Project from the simulations of the Ionian Sea. In this short videos it is described the seasonal variability simulation results for wind velocity, surface temperature, surface salinity and current results obtained from the SINMOD ocean model here

Regional Funds Week 2021

On the third day of the Regional Funds Week 2021, a virtual Event organized by EEA and Norway Grants, our team presented the preliminary results about “Holistic Eutrophic Management”. In this dual event with the participation of Regional Funds Week Projects and the Youth Employment Projects, BLUE-GREENWAY Project Partners presented their actions after almost one year of the Project. Prof. Zacharias, the Project Coordinator of BLUE-GREENWAY, presented the dual approach of our Project to implement scientific knowledge for water bodies restoration and capacity management co-creative techniques to combat eutrophication resulting in anoxia. Ms. Ageli, on behalf of the Greek Lead Partner, UPatras, presented the procurement system design highlighting the importance of green e-procurement tools in order for the project to achieve its dual target. Our Norwegian Partners, SINTEF Ocean AS and FUGRO AS, represented by Mr. Stefanakos and Mr. Berg, presented their scientific contributions in simulating and monitoring the pilot of Aitoliko Lagoon. Mr. Panayiotou, on behalf of ATLANTIS Ltd, our Cypriot Project Partner, presented their actions in the pilot of the Liopetri area. Finally, Mr. Mardikis, on behalf of our Greek Project Partner, EPLO, presented our Project actions to exchange good practices with regions outside the pilots territory for more areas to benefit from the Project results. It was a successful meeting, and we thank everyone who participated!

Open Day Event in Cyprus

On the 8th of April, Atlantis Consulting Cyprus LTD organized a physical Open Day Event 2022 in Cyprus at SEMELI hotel in Nicosia. BLUE-GREENWAY Project Partners, Aquaculture Representatives, selected SMEs and Stakeholders were present to discuss the problems of eutrophic and anoxic coastal ecosystems (sea) that result from land-based activities. The event focused on three main objectives, to inform competent authorities and organizations about the project and its achievements, to act in the development of policies and measures which manage eutrophication with emphasis on agriculture and aquaculture, and to inform and engage targeted SMEs, regarding the project achievements. A discussion with Cypriot stakeholders followed to debate on how to achieve a greater uptake of the presented solutions addressing challenges and opportunities for sustainable and resilient coastal areas.

3rd Project Meeting

On the 9th of April 2022, the 3rd Project Meeting was organized in Nicosia, Cyprus. It was held through the physical presence of representatives from UPatras, BEIA, Atlantis, and EPLO and an online presence by the project Officer Ms. Aleksandra Jasińska. After the two-year covid-19 period, this meeting gave the opportunity to meet in person and connect with Project Partners. The target of the meeting was to present the status of current activities and Project Partners to share information in order to smooth the implementation of the project. Also, BLUE-GREENWAY Project Partners discussed the timeline of the upcoming events.

Visit the Aquaculture at Liopetri

On the 10th of April 2022, our Cypriot Partner, Atlantis Consulting Cyprus LT, organized a visit at the Liopetri Area aquaculture. Mr. Michael Loizidis, responsible for the Aquaculture of Liopetri, shared with us information about the structure and function of the aquaculture at Liopetri area and explained in detail it is designed, constructed, and working.

Green Corner

1st Kotor International Maritime Conference, Kotor, Montenegro

The Lead Partner, University of Patras, participated in the 1st Kotor International Maritime Conference on 26–27 November 2021 in Kotor, Montenegro. University of Patras presented its research results about “Agriculture and Eutrophication: Impact and Best Practice”.

Blue Corner

Lab Simulation Experiments

It is generally accepted that the excessive intake of nutrients, mainly nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) is the main factor that accelerates the process of eutrophication in aquatic ecosystems. Because nutrients can come from different point- and non-point sources, comprehensive strategies are needed to mitigate or reverse eutrophication.
This is why the BLUE-GREENWWAY Project has been performing experiments to assess the efficiency of nutrients removal using sorption materials.
The main goal of BLUE-GREENWAY project is to reduce both nitrate and phosphorus compounds at the highest possible level, aiming to reduce the environmental damage to the ecosystem treated. Water ecosystem restoration from eutrophication is a challenging task and various techniques have been used including natural, chemical, and other biological solutions.

31st International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference, ISOPE 2021

Sintef Ocean AS has presented the paper title “Ocean current conditions in the Ionian Sea” at the 31st International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference, ISOPE 2021. The Conference took place from the 20 to the 25th of June 2021 in Rhodes, Greece. The paper includes the first results from the project, and it is about the oceanographic conditions in the Ionian Sea. These results are based on the hydrodynamic model SINMOD, and they will be used as input to a nested setup for the area of Aitoliko Lagoon.

26th Biennial Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation, CERF2021

The Lead Partner, the University of Patras, participated virtually in the 26th Biennial Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation. The topic of the presentations was “Geoengineering materials for the restoration of eutrophic ecosystems”. The objective of this work was to review restoration methods of eutrophic ecosystems, emphasizing remediation methods of internal nutrient release budget as a major factor in controlling eutrophication.


Lead Partner:
University of Patras Special Account for Research Grants

Beneficiary Partners:
BEIA Consult

Atlantis Perivallon kai Kainotomia LIMITED

Expertise Partners:

Fugro Norway AS

European Public Law Organization (EPLO)