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Open Day Event organized by SINTEF Ocean

Another Open Day Event was organized in Trondheim by our Norwegian Project Partner SINTEF Ocean. The Open Day Event was held the 21st of September 2023, hybrid in Trondheim, physical in the Conference Hall: Banksalen Konferanse and online via Teams.

The Open Day Event organize by SINTEF Ocean was an excellent opportunity to disseminate the project’s objectives and actions to the general public of Norway and further. In areas like Messolonghi and Liopetri, and numerous others, the general public should realize and adopt ecological measures with a sense of collective responsibility to successfully restore ecosystems. The Open Day Event disseminated the project’s actions for applying innovative solutions to restore water quality in the spirit of Circular Economy.

Innovative technologies were also presented to give a chance for interaction among practitioners, researchers, and civil authorities. The Open Day Event allowed expanding the network of the project and the active participation by civil authorities and the general public in a collective way.